Lenovo betting on size, introduces 27-inch “table PC” at CES


Lenovo has veered off in the opposite direction to most hardware manufacturers by revealing at this year’s CES the IdeaCentre Horizon, a 7.7kg 27″ “table PC”.

The Horizon is, in theory, a portable desktop touchscreen PC thanks to a battery that Lenovo claims will keep the gargantuan tablet powered for up to two hours. The device packs in a third-generation Core i7 CPU and NVidia graphics to run the 1080p 27-inch display. The touchscreen supports ten points of contact as well and it is aimed at both the home and office environments where there may be multiple simultaneous users.

There will also be accessories available from the company for the Horizon, which make the most of the multi-user idea that they seem to be going for. Joysticks and e-dice are just two of the additions to the Horizon, which will reportedly be available later this year.

The Verge reports that Lenovo is also demoing a 36″ prototype table PC at CES, similar to the IdeaCentre Horizon.

Source: AllThingsD


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