EX Hybrid Controller for iPhone 5 adds keyboard, gamepad magnetically


iPhone5Mod, a Chinese company that sells “awesome stuff” for Apple’s range of devices, has introduced something that they call the EX Hybrid Controller for the iPhone 5.

The add-on is surprisingly simple, consisting of a snap-on case that consists of a magnet where the iPhone 5’s backplate would be. Using this magnet users can attach two additional bits to the phone, a Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard or a gamepad, both of which are only 2mm thick.

iPhone5Mod claims that the keyboard attachment is the thinnest ever made for the iPhone and also claims 40 hours of use for the EX Hybrid controller, along with 160 hours on standby. Apparently it only takes an hour to get the attachments fully charged again. The gamepad’s D-pad (direction pad) is said to work with any iPhone game, which the buttons function with any game that supports extra function keys.

Source: Tech Crunch


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