Reddit sees increased number of visitors, posts and pageviews in 2012


Reddit has announced its end-of-year figures, along with approximate totals for pageviews, unique visitors and posts, which show that the “front page of the internet’ has seen a significant increase in traffic in 2012.

According to the Reddit blog announcement the site has had 37 billion page views, courtesy of 400 million unique visitors, in 2012. There were 4 billion votes cast on 30 million posts and 260 million comments made over the past year.

The increase in traffic has caused Reddit to add more servers and staff in 2012 and the traffic was driven largely by Reddit’s AMA or ‘ask me anything’ sessions. The website’s top post for 2012 was American president Barack Obama’s AMA, which managed 5,598,171 pageviews.

Source: CNET


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