The most viewed Wikipedia articles in 2012


Wikipedia is not in the habit of compiling lists of the online encyclopedia’s years statistics but Swedish software engineer Johan Gunnarsson has done the work for them, revealing the most viewed Wikipedia pages for 2012.

Topping the most-viewed list for the English-speaking world, oddly enough, is Facebook with over 32 million views for the year. Some 3 million views behind is the Wiki entry followed by Deaths in 2012, which is around 7 million views behind the front-runner.

The remainder of the list, in sequential order, is made up of boy band One Direction, the 2012 Avengers film, Fifty Shades of Grey, 2012 Phenomenon (which deals with the 21 December 2012 apocalypse belief), The Dark Knight Rises, Google and The Hunger Games.

Source: CNET


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