BlackBerry 10 N-series images leak


BlackBerry’s soon-to-be-revealed BlackBerry 10 N-series handset has surfaced again and the images that have turned up of the handset (on CNbeta) look a whole lot like the phone seen in an internal marketing video that briefly slipped into the public eye in October this year.

The main image (right) shows the device, along with its full QWERTY keyboard, and the phone’s display is looking a little larger than previous offerings from BlackBerry. Aside from that there isn’t much to go on regarding the phone’s specs but some details have leaked previously which may or may not be current/correct.

Images of the touchscreen L-series phone also leaked earlier this month. RIM has not confirmed any of these leaks but it seems likely that the images that have been doing the rounds will turn out to be the two launch handsets for RIM’s BlackBerry 10 launch event on 30 January next year.

Source: CrackBerry via Business Insider


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