Facebook reported to be launching auto-play video ads in 2013


Facebook might be launching auto-play video ads in its users news feeds within the next six months, if a report by Ad Age is to be believed.

The Ad Age report cites “several industry executives who have been briefed on the company’s plans over the past few weeks” and claims that Facebook will be implementing the likely 15-second long ads in an attempt to attract TV advertising. Facebook is said to be launching the video ads by April 2013, starting with the desktop version of the social network before rolling it out on the mobile version.

Facebook is apparently still considering whether to have the video ads muted by default, as failure to do so might result in users avoiding the social network while in the workplace. The ads will apparently expand out from the news feed and play in columns on the left and right of the screen and Facebook reportedly has plans for mobile devices as well, though what these are isn’t immediately clear.

What Ad Age’s report also isn’t certain about is how users will be targeted by these ads. One of the unnamed executives is quoted as saying “The assumption is that these would be widespread campaigns”, indicating that Facebook may be looking at wider campaigns than just those who have ‘liked’ a brand or know someone who did.

Facebook declined to comment on the report when contacted by Ad Age.

Source: CNET


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