General Electric unveils thin, high-performance cooler for ultra-thin devices


General Electric has revealed what may well be the thinnest cooler designed for ultra-thin devices, like ultrabooks or tablets. The cooler was originally created to cool commercial jet engines but it has been reduced in scale for the mobile device market.

The tech used for the cooler functions almost like a bellows, expanding in order to draw in cooler air and expelling hot air when it contracts. Known as Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets (DCJ), the new cooling system is apparently 50% smaller than existing fan-based technologies and is reportedly far quieter than current solutions. The cooling DCJ coolers can provide is reportedly also more localised, meaning that there would be more space for additional components inside mobile devices.

General Electric have already licensed the tech to Japanese thermal management company Fujikura and have sent samples to OEMs for testing with mobile devices. Should their new thermal solution pan out, DCJ units could see use inside mobile devices in the next few years.

Source: Extreme Tech


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