Movies now available through South African iTunes store


South African audiences, along with 41 other countries that have recently seen the rollout of iTunes to their local regions, can now purchase movies via Apple’s iTunes offering.

Local audiences have the option to either rent or buy movies outright from Apple’s service, with films differing in price according to their date of release and whether a user opts for the SD or HD version of the film. Rental from iTunes is as low as R20 for some SD films, increasing to R40 for an HD counterpart. Purchases from the iTunes store range between R40 for older films presented in standard definition to R140 for a newer HD release.

The current offerings from iTunes on the motion picture front seem to be less extensive than those available via Apple’s overseas stores, with several more obscure genre categories empty at the moment. Most of the main film genres have options for purchase, just don’t expect to be able to obtain Russian or Japanese content just yet.


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