IDC on PCs, phones and tablets – Samsung, Apple still on top


The latest round of information to come from market research firm IDC (International Data Corporation) combines all “smart connected device” figures and statistics, which comprises PCs (desktop and portable), smartphones and tablets, and shows that the entire global market grew to a record 303.6 million shipments in Q3 2012.

This information represents a 27.1% increase over the same period last year, with the global smart device market now being valued at $140.4 billion. The top vendors are Samsung and Apple, by virtue of their dominance in the mobile sphere, who capture 37.9% of global market share between them. Samsung saw the greatest increase year-on-year with 97.5% growth while HP, who for now remain one of the major players worldwide according to the IDC’s stats, is the only company that experienced a decline from last year.

Demand for PCs is expected to fall while both smartphones and tablet demand are expected to grow until 2016, according to the IDC’s projections.

IDC’s program vice president of Clients and Displays Bob O’Donnel said in the IDC’s report “Both consumers and business workers are finding the need for multiple ‘smart’ devices and we expect that trend to grow for several years, especially in more developed regions. The advent of cloud-based services is enabling people to seamlessly move from device to device, which encourages the purchase and usage of different devices for different situations.”

Source: Engadget and IDC


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