Amazon adding accessibility features to 7-inch Kindle Fire line


Amazon will soon be adding two accessibility features to the 7-inch versions of their Kindle Fire tablets. Explore by Touch and Voice Guide are both already features of the 8.9″ Kindle Fire and they will be added to the smaller models “early next year.

Voice Guide reads aloud any actions performed by a Kindle user. So, if a user opens a particular book in the device’s library the device will repeat the name of the book and confirm that the action has taken place.

Explore by Touch lets vision-impaired users navigate the touchscreen device by moving their fingers around the display. When an area is touched the system announces which area has been selected. If a user has touched a particular book, a second tap will open it.

These features will soon be joining the existing text-to-speech, adjustable fonts and colour adjustment functions the 7″ Kindle Fire models already possess.

Source: Digital Trends


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