NASA planning to send another Mars rover in 2020


American space agency NASA has announced plans for a second rover that will be sent to Mars in 2020. NASA will also be participating in two European Space Agency (ESA) missions in the intervening period.

NASA will be providing “Electra” telecommunication radios to the ESA’s 2016 mission as well as supplying a molecular analyzer for the ESA’s ExoMars rover, set to launch in 2018.

The new Mars rover will build on the work done to get the Curiosity rover to the Red Planet and Ars Technica reports that spare part for the Curiosity unit will feature in the construction of the new exploration vehicle, keeping the project under budget.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said. “With this next mission, we’re ensuring America remains the world leader in the exploration of the Red Planet, while taking another significant step toward sending humans there in the 2030s.”

Source: Ars Technica


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