Google posts South Africa Census 2011 data on Google Public Data Explorer


Google, together with Stats SA, has published the results of the 2011 South Africa Census on Google’s Public Data Explorer (PDE). The PDE is described as “a platform that is designed to help people understand statistics and data through rich, interactive visualisations.” South Africa is the second African country, behind Kenya, to publish their census results on the PDE.

There are presently four main categories that users can select to compare data across the country: Demographics, Education, Households, and Labour Market. Various sets of information can be compared – by region, city or across the country – and viewed in several formats from bar and line graphs to bubble charts and maps. These results can then be shared or embedded into websites.

Google has a video detailing how the searches on the PDE work. Though the video is aimed at American users the principles of use remain the same.

Source: Google Africa blog


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