Windows Phone sales quadrupled since launch of Windows Phone 8 – Ballmer


According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer the sale of Windows Phone devices has increase fourfold, compared to this time last year, thanks to the launch of Windows Phone 8.

Ballmer was speaking yesterday at a shareholders meeting. He didn’t offer any figures to back up his statement but, since Windows Phones sold around 2.7 million units in the December quarter last year, sales for the current crop of devices can be projected to be somewhere between 10 and 11 million for the current period so far.

Ballmer pointed out that several models of the Microsoft-powered phones on offer have “sold out in many countries”.

Microsoft also spoke about Windows Phone 7.8, which is expected to roll out for Windows Phone 7 devices in early 2013. Microsoft seemed to suggest that not all WP 7 models would be receiving the update but they did confirm that certain new handsets would ship with the updated OS, particularly upcoming phones set for release in emerging markets.

Source: Digital Trends


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