Toshiba announces new 13 megapixel CMOS sensor


Toshiba has announced that the company will soon be releasing a new 13 megapixel CMOS image sensor for mobile devices, “created with on-circuit color noise reduction lowers pixel noise and improves image quality.”

The new 1.12 micrometer 13 megapixel image sensor is expected to be available by the end of December this year and promises to perform well in low-light conditions by using back side illumination (BSI) and colour noise reduction tech to deliver “…high-image quality equivalent to a 1.4 micrometer pixel image sensor.”

Toshiba’s vice president of the Analog and Imaging Business Unit Andrew Burt said in a press release “As mobile devices like smartphones and tablets get smaller and thinner, the pixel size of image sensors needs to shrink accordingly. However, the miniaturization of pixel size reduces the amount of light entering into the pixel which impacts image quality. Toshiba addresses the challenge of pixel miniaturization with its newest CMOS image sensor.

Source/Image: Engadget


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