Updated – Confirmed: Wii Mini leaked, dated by Canadian online retailer


Update: Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii Mini is real and has added some detail to the new console. For the moment it appears to be exclusive to Canada, where it will retail for just under $100. It will have stripped-down features, including a lack of online support and missing GameCube backwards compatibility. Most of the Wii’s library of titles will be supported.

Original story: Nintendo’s new HD Wii U console is set for a release on Friday this week in both Europe and South Africa but it seems that the Canadian arm of North American retailer Best Buy has spilled the beans on a new variation on the Wii console called the Wii Mini.

The extremely small product shot shows what seems to be a new form factor for the Wii console, along with a single red Wii Remote.

The new product has not been confirmed by any official Nintendo sources but it is listed on Best Buy Canada’s home page as available for pre-order, with an availability date of 7 December this year. The packaging conforms to previous Wii console releases but that isn’t saying much for its official status .Clicking through on the link goes through to a Skylanders offer for the Wii.

Nintendo has been contacted for clarification on the existence of the apparent new Wii.

Source: GamesIndustry


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