Kenji Ishida’s transforming robot gets an optical upgrade


Back in May this year most of the internet got a good look at the miniature transforming robot being developed by Kenji Ishida. Ishida is back with an upgraded version of the car/bipedal robot and its development has advanced a few steps since last it was in the spotlight.

There are two new hardware additions for the little transformer, aside from the cosmetic upgrades and tweaks to its transformation abilities. Its arms have each been equipped with a launcher for plastic missiles and a WiFi camera has been added to the robot which is able to follow its movements in both vehicle and humanoid mode.

Ishida, now operating under the Brave Robotics label, has – or most likely had – a limited run of ten of the current iteration of the robot for sale. The price is only disclosed on request and there is a fairly long wait before the gadget is dispatched. If there are even any still available.

Source: Engadget


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