Psy’s Gangnam Style becomes YouTube’s most watched video


South Korean musician Psy’s music video for Gangnam Style, which has become a global internet phenomenon, has officially become the most-watched video on YouTube.

The music video, which makes fun of the residents of an upmarket area of Seoul, has bypassed Justin Bieber’s Baby video as the most-viewed video on YouTube. The views for Bieber’s video stand at 805 million while Psy’s track is hovering above the 825 million mark.

The music video sparked Psy’s popularity with the Western world, though he has been a successful musician in his own country for some time. Several notable celebrities and public figures, both in his home country and abroad, have given their takes on Psy’s ‘horse dance’ since the video’s popularity took off. Numerous parody and spin-off videos have been created as a result of the music video, lampooning everything from Lord of the Rings to American politics.

Source: The Guardian


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