Samsung wins access to Apple-HTC patent settlement details


Samsung has, in a court challenge, been awarded access to the recent settlement agreement between Apple and HTC which has put an end to the companies’ legal jousting.

Specifically the Korean company wishes to see the details of the licensing fees that were agreed upon. Samsung argued that “the licensing fees with HTC are relevant to the degree of consumer demand for Apple’s patented features” wrote Judge Lucy Koh in her ruling.

Samsung’s lawyers will be the only people to see the unredacted agreement under the terms of the ruling and that information will not be made public. A redacted version of the agreement between Apple and HTC has been obtained by FOSS Patents.

Samsung’s lawyers will be looking at the settlement agreement in the hopes determining the amount per device they would have to pay Apple for certain patents, with an aim to lowering the fine recently imposed on the company should the appeal against the jury decision go against them.

Source: The Guardian


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