RIM CEO on the upcoming launch of BlackBerry 10


Research in Motion (RIM) CEO Thorston Heins, speaking in an interview with The Verge, has given a few hints about what is in store when BlackBerry 10 launches on 30 January next year.

Heins is aware that the upcoming launch is extremely important to the company, saying “we have this one shot […] and we want to be right.” He believes that the first quarter launch will prove to be an asset for BlackBerry 10 since there won’t be as much competing with RIM as far as other smartphone launches go.

Heins also outlined RIM’s ambition of having 100,000 apps ready for the BlackBerry 10 reveal and hinted that there will be something new in terms of multimedia for the company. Apparently the company has “partnerships in place that we will unveil on January 30th” and a few other surprises in store. Whether it will be enough to drive a resurgence for RIM and BlackBerry will be decided on the day.

He also offered his view of the future of technology as it applies to mobile computing.

“The thing is, I truly believe in mobile computing. I really believe that enterprises will change drastically in the next 2-3 years. I predict that over time laptops really will disappear. […] My view a smartphone and or a tablet is going to be good enough for 50/60% of all mobile workers of all employees in a corporate enterprise. That’s also what we’re shooting at with our product with the BB10 platform and with the partnerships that we’re building.”

Source: The Verge


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