SA company creates the world’s first tweeting braai


South African company Trigger Isobar have created the world’s first tweeting braai. The Trigger Braai, as it is known, bridges the gap between the company’s Cape Town and Johannesburg offices at the moment through a range of sensors installed into the cooking appliance.

Sensors in the Trigger Braai include a thermometer, sound, light and motion detectors and a breathalyser. An internet connection was included in the braai, which is able to detect when the braai has been lit. If it has been lit it sends tweets to work colleagues, inviting them over. It will also notify users when the coals are ready for the meat, knows how many people are gathered around the braai, senses whether the weather is clouding up and the breathalyser is for finding out if users need to take a taxi home.

The whole setup was built on the Arduino electronic prototyping platform. Trigger Isobar’s Byron Verreyne says “We chose this specific platform because it is an affordable way to create a customised solution in a short space of time.”

Trigger Isobar’s art director Peter Ringelmann says of the braai’s tweets “The project was not only about making the technology work. The braai also had to have a unique personality reflecting the diverse culture of our agency. It has a great sense of humour which is brought to life in its tweets.”


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