Microsoft’s Xbox 720 will feature Kinect 2.0, Blu-ray drive, other improvements – Xbox World


UK-based magazine Xbox World has published details of Microsoft’s next generation of the Xbox gaming console in their penultimate issue. The Xbox 720 will apparently count augmented reality, 3D sound and Kinect 2.0 among its features.

Several rumours for the new console appear to have been confirmed. The Xbox World report speculates that the new console, codenamed Durango, will be titled ‘Xbox’ when it launches. The console will be packing  “four hardware cores, each divided into four logical cores” as well as 8GB of RAM.

Kinect 2.0 is believed to be able to track four players at once, as well as their finger movements. Odds are that it will be integrated into the console itself. The long-expected Blu-ray drive will also be a feature and Microsoft is said to be including AR glasses with the next console, though that will be a future development.

Directional audio and inputs/outputs for recording and playing back television and an “innovative controller” will also be features, according to the report.

Xbox World Editor-in-chief Dan Dawkins, speaking to gaming website CVG, said “Xbox World has been at the cutting edge of Durango coverage for over 12 months. Unless something really dramatic changes, everything we reveal in our penultimate issue will be revealed long before E3 in June.

Source: CNET


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