RIM adds BBM Voice feature to BBM


Research in Motion is added a new feature to their BlackBerry Messaging service (BBM). Though it is a little late to the party the company has revealed that it will be adding BBM Voice to BBM, an option that will allow users to make free voice calls to other BBM users over a WiFi connection.

RIM’s vice president of BBM T.A. McCann said “We’re expanding the capabilities of the service for deeper social engagement and even greater collaboration, beginning with voice functionality. BBM Voice … is for when you’re traveling and you want to call home without worrying about phone charges.”

The new feature will be providing a split-screen function that will allow users to send text messages or emails while having a conversation with other BBM users.

The idea of free voice calls isn’t new. Apple, Google and Microsoft all have a solution that performs the same function as BBM Voice. RIM is mostly playing catch-up on this score but the BlackBerry 10 OS, in the face of the competition, would be an unattractive proposition without the feature. .

Source/Image: AllThingsD


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