Adobe confirms Connectuser website breached, takes it offline


Adobe has confirmed that their website, a community forum used by members of Adobe Connect Web, has been breached and have taken the site offline.

On Tuesday a self-proclaimed hacker from Egypt, “ViruS_HimA”, released information on Pastebin, claiming to have breached one of Adobe’s servers and made off with data belonging to 150,000 users. The data apparently included email addresses, usernames, and passwords for Adobe customers and partners including “”Adobe Employees”, “US Military”, “USAF”, “Google”, “Nasa”, “.Edu” and many many more companies around the world!” The hacker released some 644 records which led Adobe investigators to the Connuctusers website.

Adobe took down the Connectusers website once it had been established that the breach occurred there. Adobe’s senior manager of corporate communications Wiebke Lips said “We are in the process of resetting the passwords of impacted forum members and will reach out to those members with instructions on how to set up new passwords once the forum services are restored.”

The hacker claimed in the Pastebin post that the hack was carried out because “…such big companies should really respond very fast and fix the security issues as fast as they can.” He also promised that leaked data from Yahoo would be coming soon.

Source: PC World


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