Fender introduces an iOS/PC-compatible Stratocaster


Fender has come out with a new guitar that is able to connect to Apple’s iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Mac or a standard Windows-based PC for digital jam sessions.

The instrument, called the Squier by Fender Strat Guitar, can connect to a PC or an iOS device via USB thanks to an onboard mini-USB connector, allowing interaction with a variety of music-based apps like GarageBand. Mini-USB to USB and mini-USB to 30-pin connector are included with the Squier, meaning that Apple’s newer devices will require a converter in order to use the guitar.

The Squier also functions as a standard amp-based axe. Apple’s US Store, where it is on sale, has the guitar listed as sold out at the moment, though the instrument was only announced yesterday. When it is in stock, it is priced at $199 ((R1,750).

Source: Engadget


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