BlackBerry 10 due on 30 January 2013 – RIM


BlackBerry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) has set the date for the arrival of BlackBerry 10, marking 30 January 2013 as the day when the new smartphones from the company will launch.

The launch will take place globally, with multiple events planned. First to be revealed will be two of the new handsets due from RIM, a touchscreen-only phone as well as one that resembles the current Bold devices. The two devices are possibly the leaked N and L series handsets seen at the beginning of October this year.

RIM will also be detailing a little more about the platform at the multiple 30 January events.

It is largely believed that BlackBerry 10 represents one of the final shots that the company has at recapturing the market share that is has lost over the past year. BlackBerry has been increasingly eclipsed by Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android over the last 12 months, particularly in North America.

Source: CNET


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