Angry Birds Star Wars forces its way to the top of App Store charts


Rovio’s Angry Birds Star Wars, which released for PC, Android and iOS yesterday, has already climbed to the top of the charts in Apple’s US App Store. What’s more, it did so in a record 2.5 hours.

A blog post on Rovio’s website said “Angry Birds Star Wars made the jump to hyperspace yesterday with a phenomenal launch. Within 2.5 hours of launch, the app soared to #1 in the US iOS App Store, blasting away all of our previous records. ” It goes on to list some of the positive reviews that the Force-themed mobile title has received since yesterday’s launch.

Combining the world’s most downloaded mobile game with one of the largest movie franchises in history seems to have paid off for the company, bolstering an already impressive lineup of Angry Birds-themed games and products from Rovio.

Source: CNET


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