Samsung’s Galaxy S III the best selling smartphone in Q3


Samsung’s Galaxy S III handset has become the best-selling smartphone in Q3 this year, bypassing Apple’s iPhone 4S for the first time according to Strategy Analytics.

The Galaxy S III sold through 18 million units for the third quarter compared to 16.2 million iPhone 4S phones sold over the same period, capturing 11% of all smartphones shipped globally. Apple may have helped Samsung’s handset to grab the top spot thanks to the launch of the iPhone 5 at the end of the period which probably pulled some sales away from the 4S.

Strategy Analytics believes however that Samsung’s reign at the top will be temporary. The iPhone 5 sold an estimated 6 million devices in the short time that it was available in Q3 and the analyst firm is fairly confident that Q4 will see Apple’s latest outdo the Korean company’s flagship phone.

Source: Engadget


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