Rumour mill starts on a Retina version of the iPad Mini


It hasn’t taken very long for rumours of a Retina Display version of Apple’s iPad Mini to surface. A report from a Chinese-language news outlet claims that the manufacturer of the iPad Mini displays, AUO, is now working on a 2048 x 1536 version of the device’s screen.

If the rumours are correct this would put the iPad Mini’s display resolution in line with Apple’s two recent releases, the iPhone 5 and the fourth generation iPad. It would make sense for Apple to roll out a Retina version of the Mini since the biggest complaints about the device so far have been about the sub-par (for Apple) screen.

The report has given a timeline for the tweaked display to be ready, saying that it will likely be sorted out by the second half of 2013. So there are still a good few months for consumers to get their hands on the first iPad Mini before the next one is announced.

Source: CNET


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