Re-elected US President Barack Obama’s victory tweet most retweeted ever


The American presidential elections are all but over and incumbent president Barack Obama, who has won a second term in office, has set a record on Twitter’s social media platform near the close of the election process.

President Obama tweeted an image of himself and his wife with the words “Four more years.” which almost immediately set a record for the most retweeted item on the network. The image has garnered, so far, just over 600,000 retweets and has been favourited over 200,000 times but it broke the previous retweeting record (held by Justin Bieber) in a mere 22 minutes.

A follow-up tweet from the American president has managed an almost as impressive 230,000 or so retweets, which would also have broken the previous record had the “Four more years” tweet not already obliterated it.

Source:  The Guardian


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