Yahoo, Samsung announce interactive TV partnership


Yahoo and Samsung have announced a multi-year partnership between the two companies that will bring Yahoo’s Connected TV offering to Samsung’s line of Smart TVs in the US.

The partnership will “integrate Yahoo!’s Broadcast Interactivity platform into Samsung 2012 Smart TVs” and will apparently allow “new opportunities for intelligent content discovery, advertising and engagement”.

There is some hesitation as to how well Yahoo’s interactive television content will be received since, while it will add extra content for something that you may be viewing, it will reportedly also be delivering targeted advertising to consumers based on their watching habits.

Samsung Electronics America’s Eric Anderson said “Today, consumers are engaging in interactive TV program experiences more and more. Samsung’s SyncPlus service combined with Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity and SoundPrint will provide consumers with a very entertaining experience. We are very pleased to partner with Yahoo! and we look forward to a successful collaboration in the years to come.”

At the moment Yahoo has television networks National Geographic and Showtime on board. Others will likely be announced later. The terms of the deal between Samsung and Yahoo mean that future models of Samsung TVs in the states will have Yahoo’s service integrated while the 2012 model televisions will have it added via a firmware update.

Source: Engadget


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