Android OS holds 75% of market share in Q3 2012 – IDC


The Android operating has ushered in its fourth year on the market by scooping up 75% of the market share for smartphones according to data released by the IDC (International Data Corporation).

According to the IDC’s report global Android phone shipments for the third quarter of 2012 totaled 136 million units, a record for a single quarter. Android OS handsets shipped a year previously, in Q3 2011, only came to 71 million units.

Over the past year Android has seen their market share move from 57.5% to the current total of 75%, a change of 91.5% over the period. iOS has also had their cut of the market climb over the same period, from 13.8% in 2011 to 14.9% (a 57.3% change).

Windows Phone also saw a rise in the market share it holds, though it is relatively small compared to the top two mobile operating systems. The increases have come at the expense of Symbian and BlackBerry devices, which have both fallen since last year. Symbian’s share of the market dropped from 9.5% to 4.3% and BlackBerry has plummeted from 14.6% to 2.3%.

Source: Engadget


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