Samsung builds Solar Powered Internet School in rural SA


Samsung has set up a solar-powered classroom, created out of a modified shipping container, in Phomolong near Johannesburg in South Africa.

The unimaginatively-named Solar Powered Internet School, which came about as part of Samsung’s corporate-social responsibility program, forms part of Phomolong secondary school and is outfitted with an array of electronic gadgetry. Solar-powered Samsung notebooks with internet access, Galaxy tablets, WiFi cameras and a 50″ electronic board make up the equipment, all of which is powered by the solar panels on the top of the classroom. Up to 21 students can be housed at any one time and there is a ventilation and insulation system installed to help with extreme weather conditions.

The solar panels can generate electricity for up to nine hours a day and the classroom is portable, allowing it to be moved to other areas where electricity is hard to come by. The Solar Powered Internet School has been around since last year but it was only recently that Samsung officially promoted the project via their blog.

Source: CNET


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