Digital revenue at Electronic Arts up 40%, not counting Facebook


Electronic Arts (EA) has been making a big deal out of the digital future of gaming and the latest round of figures from the company seems to be proving them correct.

EA has reported the Q2 figures for their digital revenue, leaving out the money that was made through Facebook, and there has been a substantial increase over the same period last year. Q2 2011 saw digital revenue at $234 million for the gaming publisher, the current period has increase that total to $324 million. Facebook titles didn’t fare so well as MAUs (monthly active users) have dropped considerably since 2011, from 101 million last year to 42 million MAUs in the same period this year.

The increase in digital is being offset by losses on the retail side of business, though the digital revenue is more that compensating for that drop at the moment. Mobile revenue is up by 60%, according to the company, and downloads of full games have increased by over 40%.

Electronic Arts’ CFO Blake Jorgensen said “I would say that overall, digital is growing the fastest, and within digital, it’s the mobile business that’s growing the fastest. Clearly, mobile is up dramatically, and it’s no surprise — it’s driven by smartphones, tablets.”

Source: AllThingsD


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