Cray’s supercomputer gets an upgrade and a new name


Cray’s Jaguar (XK7) supercomputer, which is housed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has just been upgraded with a fair number of NVIDIA Telsa K20 GPUs. And over 700 terabytes of memory.

The addition of 18,688 of the Kepler-based K20’s has pushed the supercomputer’s performance over 20 petaflops, making the name change for the beefy piece of hardware rather appropriate. The newly renamed Titan supercomputer the K20 GPUs and an equal number of 16-core AMD Opteron 6274 processors but it is the new GPU hardware that is packing most of the processing punch.

Steve Scott, chief technology officer of the GPU Accelerated Computing business at NVIDIA, said “Basing Titan on Tesla GPUs allows Oak Ridge to run phenomenally complex applications at scale, and validates the use of accelerated computing to address our most pressing scientific problems. You simply can’t get these levels of performance, power- and cost- efficiency with conventional CPU-based architectures. Accelerated computing is the best and most realistic approach to enable exascale performance levels within the next decade.”

Titan will be used to analyse data and run scientific simulations for a wide range projects, including nuclear energy and climate change applications.

Source: Engadget


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