Apple’s 7.85-inch iPad Mini announced, pre-orders open on 26 October


As expected Apple announced yesterday morning/evening (depending on your time-zone) the iPad Mini at their event in San Jose, California.

The new device fits many of the rumours that have been floating around in recent months, stretching as far back as April. The iPad Mini boasts a 7.85″ display but is starting out with 16GB of storage. The expected 8GB entry-level model has not materialised. The 1024×768 display is around 35% larger than competing products from Google and Amazon, though it features a smaller resolution than the Kindle Fire HD or the Nexus 7.

The iPad Mini is powered by the iPad 2’s A5 SOC processor and includes 802.11ab/g/n Wi-Fi. Available slightly later than the retail date of 2 November will be iPad Minis with cellular connectivity, which will support LTE. Those will become available from 16 November.

Apple also announced a fourth-generation iPad, which has a new A6X processor, a Lightning port and a new Qualcomm LTE chip that should support more LTE networks. The latest iPad will also become available on 2 November.

In a move that may be calculated to steal Microsoft’s thunder, the pre-orders for the iPad Mini open on 26 October, the same day that Microsoft’s Surface and Windows 8 OS launch. Pricing for the iPad Mini starts at $329 (R2,900).

Source: Ars Technica


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