Nikon patent looks to make ‘camera tossing’ a safer practise


‘Camera tossing’, also known as kinetic photography, is the practise of setting a camera to automatically snap an image and then throwing it in the air in the hopes that a unique photo will be the result. The pastime has gained enough popularity that Nikon has a patent, which was recently published in Japan, for making it simpler and potentially less lethal for photography hardware.

Nikon’s patent involves using a velocity sensor and accelerometer inside the camera to gauge when to snap an image during the ‘toss’. It also describes compensating for potential damage on the way down by retracting the lens and covering it, as well as putting in an impact-resistant frame for the shooter in case the photographer misses his or her catch.

How likely it is that this concept will ever see the light to day is highly uncertain, Nikon may not want to have to deal with warranty claims for cameras that are designed to be thrown several meters into the air.

Source: Engadget


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