Microsoft announces new Skype for Windows 8


Microsoft is launching its new OS at the end of this week, for good or for ill, and just to show that they are not simply sitting around and waiting for release day the company has just announced that a new version of Skype will become available with Windows 8.

Skype for Windows 8 will be a “…completely new Skype experience, which is designed to be always on, immersive, effortless and fun to use” according to the announcement page and several new features will be on offer. Recent messages and calls will appear on the main screen a as well as new methods for tracking favourite contacts and a contacts list on the same page.

Microsoft have added a new dial pad for calls and have also made sure that you’ll be receiving notifications about messages and calls no matter what other apps you may be using on Windows 8. As the preview video (below) shows, the interface has been reworked considerably and seems to be optimised for touchscreens. Users will be able to stick a Skype video call to the side of a screen, allowing users to chat to others while performing other tasks.Video calls can also be set to full-screen, with message popups for other conversation you may have going on at the time.

Of course we have yet to see the new version of Microsoft’s chat program in action but if it is anything like what has been promised it should be a new, more streamlined experience overall.

Source: Engadget


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