8ta offers free WiFi in cabs for selected SA cities


Telkom’s cellular solution 8ta has managed a first for South Africa by deploying free WiFi access to branded cabs in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

150 Nissan Lavina cabs (taxis) across the three cities will be offering the service at no extra cost, though only specifically branded cars will feature WiFi access. The vehicles participating in the WiFi rollout will be displaying advertisements for 8ta’s 60GB+60GB package.

The WiFi will be compatible with all WiFi-enabled devices, from laptops to phones to tablets, thanks to routers that have been installed into the vehicles in question. 8ta promises that full internet access will be available while taking a trip in one of these taxis but there are options for technical support for both 8ta subscribers and non-subscribers (dialing 108 or 081 108 respectively will take passengers through to 8ta’s call centre).


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