Israeli inventor close to mass-producing cardboard bicycle


Izhar Gafni, an inventor from Israel, has come up with a way of turning cardboard boxes into an actual working bicycle, a project that took more than 18 months to develop.

Gafni says that his technique is almost ready for mass production and he estimates that light, water- and fire-proof bicycles will cost in the region of $20 (R175), though whether this would be a sales price or the cost of production isn’t clear. Either way, the bicycle would be extremely inexpensive. The conveyance is treated with a “secret” concoction which confers water and flame-proofing properties before being lacquered for some aesthetic appeal and almost all of the components avoid metal altogether.

The bike’s solid tyres are composed of reconstituted rubber and the chain is actually a motor vehicle’s timing belt and the bicycle is apparently maintenance free. For something that weighs in at 9 kilograms and is composed almost entirely of old boxes it certainly seems to perform well, as this video with Gafni detailing his invention (below) demonstrates.

Source: Engadget


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