noPhoto license plate frame looks to crowdfund you out of traffic fines


Crowdfunding is extremely popular at the moment and which Kickstarter seems to have the world of gaming sewn up, Indigogo is being used for some interesting tech projects. The latest of these is the noPhoto license plate holder, which hopes to create a license frame that will counteract the flashes used by law enforcement, or any, cameras. The result: a completely obscured and unreadable license plate.

The project is aimed at users in the States, but it would likely work in other areas of the world as well, and intends fitting the noPhoto frame with a sensor and two flashes. The sensor is able to detect a camera flash aimed at the license plate and times and triggers two flashes mounted on the sides of the number plate holder, overexposing the image being taken.

The primary usage being given for the noPhoto is to circumvent traffic cameras but it could see other usage, including preventing standard cameras (provided they are using a flash) from taking images of a car’s license plate. At the moment the crowdfunded project’s funds stand at a little over $5,000 of the $80,000 goal with 23 days left for the campaign to run.

Source: IndieGoGo via CNET


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