Microsoft Store puts a price on Surface, then hides it


The clock is counting down to the release of Microsoft’s Surface tablet, which is set to go on sale at the same time as Windows 8 next week, but it seems that someone at Redmond may have goofed.

Earlier today the Microsoft Store was showing pre-order pricing and specs for the Surface tablets, though the page where the information has appeared has since been pulled.

Pricing for the Surface with Windows RT – the x86 Surface Pro is only expected next year – starts at $499 (R4,400) according to the now-missing order page. That price will net buyers a 32GB Surface without the black touch cover. Adding the cover bumps the price up to $599 (R5,250) while a 64GB Surface with touch cover will cost $699 (R6,100).

The pre-order page also included pricing for a white touch cover and a type cover for the Surface ($119.99 and $129.99 respectively). Why Microsoft pulled the page is anyone’s guess, the pre-order deals may have been prematurely revealed or perhaps there was an error on the product listing.

Source/Image: Engadget


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