Japanese satellite to create Morse code that can be read from Earth


Researchers at the Fukuoka Institute of Technology in Japan have developed a miniature satellite that will, when launched, be capable of broadcasting Morse code messages from orbit that can be seen on the ground on Earth.

At the moment there isn’t any specific use for this technology other than to say that it can be done but it has been theorised that it could see use as an emergency broadcast system or to convey environmental data to someone on the ground. The FITSAT-1 satellite, as it is called, is made up of a 10cm squared cube which is fitted with high-powered LED lights which will flash on and off to send a message in Morse code.

The first message, due to be broadcast over Japan, will be “Hi this is Niwaka Japan” according to reports. However the researcher plan on taking the satellite on an orbital tour to other regions of the world at a later stage. The date for the satellite’s launch is expected to be announced soon.

Source: Springwise


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