The US Military’s flying saucer declassified, emerges from 1956


Recently declassified images from the American National Archives will probably send conspiracy theorists into a spin. It seems that the US Air Force, back in 1956, was looking to build an actual UFO or flying saucer, right around the time that whole Roswell, New Mexico conspiracy was picking up steam.

Concept images for the craft have been located in a document titled ‘Project 1794, Final Development Summary Report’, which revealed that Canadian company Avro Aircraft would to be contracted for the VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) craft which had a projected top speed of Mach 4. Avro, which no longer exists, was responsible for the Canadian CF-105 Arrow fighter.

Avro said in the document “It is concluded that the stabilization and control of the aircraft in the manner proposed — the propulsive jets are used to control the aircraft — is feasible and the aircraft can be designed to have satisfactory handling through the whole flight range from ground cushion takeoff to supersonic flight at very high altitude.”

Unfortunately a prototype, which flew some three feet off the ground and managed a top speed of 35 miles per hour, performed poorly and the project was canned in 1961. One of the prototypes of the ‘flying saucer’ are apparently on display in a secure section of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Surely someone can turn that into a flying car?

Source: CNET


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