New iPad running A6 chip sighted in app analytics


An iOS developer has reportedly seen a new iPad being reported in the app analytics that he works with.

The designation for the hardware in the analytics service is ‘iPad3,6’ and the device’s CPU seems to be using the same ARMv7s architecture as Apple’s iPhone 5, indicating that it uses the A6 chip at its core. This seems to jibe with rumours that Apple is planning to release an updated iPad 3 which incorporates a new processor and a Lightning port, among other changes. The current new iPad is split into ‘iPad3,1’, ‘iPad3,2’, or ‘iPad3,3’ in developer logs, depending on which model is being examined.

The unnamed developer has apparently also seen designations for what is thought to be the iPad Mini in developer logs, ruling out the possibility that the new unknown device is the smaller iPad. The iPad Mini is thought to be a variation of the iPad 2, marked as ‘iPad2,5’ and ‘iPad2,6’ and sporting an A5 CPU.

Source: MacRumours


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