Angry Birds Star Wars due on 8 November for PC, iOS and Android


How do you try to increase the popularity of one of the most downloaded mobile games of all time? By featuring a crossover with one of the most enduring science fiction trilogies of all time. That is correct, Rovio will be releasing Angry Birds Star Wars on 8 November.

Just what this will entail hasn’t been made clear but the cast of birds will be taking on the likenesses of the iconic George Lucas characters. Rovia is revealing information in bits and pieces and there is a teaser trailer (below) but it doesn’t give much away.

The birds will be taking on the role of the Rebel Alliance and the pigs, presumably, are the Empire. It looks like there are a few birds that have joined the Dark Side (otherwise Darth Porker will have some explaining to do). Angry Birds Star Wars launches for PC, iOS and Android on 8 November.

Source: Engadget


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