iPad Mini casing images apparently leak


Images that apparently show the components that will be making up Apple’ s iPad Mini have leaked onto the internet, showing some of the features the device will apparently feature when Apple finally announces it.

The 7.85″ tablet will seemingly have a nano-SIM slot and the casing is supposedly made from anodized aluminum, which is already a feature of Apple’s iPhone 5.

The tablet’s speakers seem to be placed at the bottom of the unit, along with a Lightning port, and the side bezels are going to be smaller. The overall impression is more like an oversized iPhone than a shrunken iPad.

An official announcement is widely expected on 17 October and pricing is reckoned to be relatively inexpensive compared to the iPad Mini’s larger brethren, in the range of $249 to $299 (around R2,100 to R2.500).

Tech Crunch has a gallery of the component images available.

Source: Tech Crunch Image: UkrainianiPhone


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