Facebook begins cleaning up fake likes, user accounts


Facebook has started its cleanup of fake ‘likes’, users and accounts on the social network service, according to a report from TechCrunch.

The company had previously said that it would be taking action against illegitimate Facebook likes and users but it wasn’t clear when the operation would begin. It has been reported that several Facebook pages have lost fairly large amounts of thumbs up, though these have still made up only a fraction of the most popular fans pages on the service.

At the time of writing the third most popular page on Facebook, for Texas HoldEm Poker, was reporting daily growth of -103,514 new likes while others in the top ten are reporting growth of between -12,000 and -35,000. Even Facebook’s official page has seen its daily growth dip since the cleanup operation was started, dropping from +8,712 (as shown in the CNET report) to +4,064.

The hoped-for result with Facebook’s cleanup is less spam and phishing on the service, though companies that have paid for likes will find themselves out whatever they have paid for the extra fans.

Source: CNET


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