New DDR4 memory standard finalised and published


The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association has published the finalised specification standard for DDR4 memory, opening the door for faster RAM to be adopted by computer hardware manufacturers and, eventually, consumers.

New processes are being implemented in the standard that allow for more efficient read, write and data refresh rates by moving information to memory faster than before. Memory bus speed for DDR4 will start off at 2133MHz, compared to the average DDR3 bus speed which sits between 1333MHz and 1666MHz.

“The per-pin data rate for DDR4 is specified as 1.6 giga transfers per second to an initial maximum objective of 3.2 giga transfers per second. With DDR3 exceeding its original targeted performance of 1.6 GT/s, it is likely that higher performance speed grades will be added in a future DDR4 update.”

JEDEC’s Joe Macri, chairman of the JC-42.3 Subcommittee for DRAM Memories, said “The publication of the JEDEC DDR4 standard represents the culmination of years of dedicated effort by memory device, system, component and module producers worldwide. The new standard will enable next generation systems to achieve greater performance, significantly increased packaging density and improved reliability – with lower power consumption.”

Memory makers like Micron and Samsung have reportedly already started shipping test units of the new memory out, though it isn’t certain when the new RAM standard will make its way into consumer’s hands. There is speculation that DDR4 will see widespread use by 2014.

Source: PC World


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