Google Street View heads underwater at the Great Barrier Reef


Google has added the first underwater images to Google’s Street View, taking users on a tour of the Great Barrier Reef and other locations around the world including the Philippines and Hawaii.

Locations like Apo Island in the Phillipines, Maui’s Molokini crater and Oahu’s Hanauma Bay have been added to the locations that Street View users can visit, thanks to a partnership between Google and The Catlin Seaview Survey. Interested users can check out all of the available underwater locations here.

“Whether you’re a marine biologist, an avid scuba diver or a landlocked landlubber, we encourage you to dive in and explore the ocean with Google Maps. Check out our complete underwater collection, featuring a Google+ underwater Hangout from the Great Barrier Reef.”

Source/Image: Google Lat-Long Blog


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