Modders turn Nintendo Zapper into a real laser


A group of modders at North Street Labs have taken a Nintendo Zapper, best known for seeing use in video games like Duck Hunt, and converted into an actual trigger-activated high-powered laser.

The group has detailed the conversion from video-game peripheral to science fiction weapon on their website. As it turns out the standard trigger for the Zapper was ideally suited for their purposes, because “…Nintendo completely over engineered it, and the switch was more than capable handling ridiculous levels of current.”

After a proof of concept test using a 5mW red laser module the modders turned to something a little more powerful. The tiny laser, after a more laborious process of conversion, was swapped out for a 445nm laser diode able to fire a 2 watt beam.

The end result, as described by the modders, is rather spectacular.

After initial testing, this thing is absolutely terrifying. I discovered that my laser meter tops out at 2W… which this Zapper rapidly passes. The meter quickly shoots to 1800+ , then just says “1” when topped out. This means the Zapper is AT LEAST 2W OUTPUT. I wear my laser goggles at all times when handling this thing and only turn the key right before use. That being said, it’s been a fun build!”

Source/Image: North Street Labs via DigitalTrends


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